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Selena Gomez And Ashley Benson At The SXSW Festival.

We all know Selena Gomez is gorgeous. I write about her beauty every time I post about her because it’s really impossible not to write about. I am not the biggest fan of her music or her acting although I don’t really dislike her work either, but I do respect her for being one of the few young stars her age for showing she’s maturing without resorting to publicity stunts or super sexualized videos. We get it. Selena is beautiful. She isn’t the focus of my attention in these photos from the SXSW Festival in Austin. I’m too busy looking at Ashley Benson – a young woman I honestly feel doesn’t get nearly as much press as she deserves. She’s a talented actress and an absolutely stunning lady. I love the darker hair she’s rocking in these photos. Sometimes when a blond darkens up the hair, the result isn’t exactly flattering but the new color really works for Ashley. I’m quite certain she could do anything with her hair and still look incredible, though. Both of these women are absolutely beautiful. These photos are fantastic. I can’t wait to see “Spring Breakers”.


  • both fi girls with great legs, selena is sexy yh dont know much of ahsley benson but she is very nice, hotties

  • they should both just start posing topless or do some porn in the near future, id love to see some big studs have thir way with these 2 young lasses, selena is fit as fk

  • selena is just soooo pretty and awesome legs and feet shots love high heels and leg shots, her and ashley are hotties.

    The other women sitting alongside them needs a menton too, looks pretty tasty, got some nice pins on her also, 3 sexy ladies