written by Wanda

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber On Vacation In Los Cabos

Wow. People really, really don’t like the Biebs. Every time I write a post about Selena Gomez, it’s almost guaranteed someone will take a shot at him in the comments. I don’t really get it but I guess that’s the nature of celebrity culture. He doesn’t appeal to me in anyway and that “Baby” song will now be stuck in my head for the next several hours just because I wrote Bieber but there it is. So, we got the Bieber portion of this post out of the way. Let’s talk about what I do understand. Selena Gomez is stunning. Here hanging out with “He Who Shall Not Be Named” during a holiday in Los Cabos, Selena looks beautiful. More than that, she looks like she’s relaxed and having a good time. It’s been a bad few months for her with the baby drama and a truly frightening experience with a stalker so it’s nice to see her enjoying a little downtime. I love her bikini. It’s a cute color and it fits her well. In closing, Selena is gorgeous and pictures of her are always a treat to write about.


  • I think Just and Selena make a nice couple. Even thought I would rather see myself on her place, hanging with cool Justin.

  • Is Selena legal yet? Otherwise I might feel weird looking at these pics of her and her kid, Justing :P

  • If there are loads of people who love Bieber, then sadly there’ll be heaps that don’t, and I suspect more so now he’s dating the beautiful Serena. But the lil guy deserves some romance in his life, don’t we all?

    I think those hating on him have to remember that he’s still a teenager. Despite all his success, he’s only 17. All the badmouthing ain’t nice.

  • Bebita, yeah, I think they’re both cute and make an adorable couple together.

    Robbie, Selena is 19.

    That baby mama drama was interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, it might just be the first of many for Justin because of the sheer magnitude of his fame.

    Scary about Selena being stalked by that guy.

  • i think people should give them some space everyone needs it at times.. just because their famous does mean people should be snapping photos of them whenever they want. im pretty sure if u went somewheres with someone special u wouldnt want random creeps spying on u , would you?

  • I bet Selena can’t fit into Justin’s skinny jeans. Trolololo

  • What’s your point, MrTrololo? So what if she can or can’t fit into his skinny jeans? Of what significance is it?

    I guess Justin and Selena are the Spears and Timberlake of their generation (in terms of their fame and them being a couple, not the overt sexiness).

  • Justin’s legs are thin. I’ve seen pigeons with thicker legs. Mr Trolotolo: I don’t think a 2 yr old could fit in his jeans. It’s too bad these kids can’t get privacy- definately papparazzi shots. Reality is that they will break up eventually, they’re young and famous, so it won’t last.

  • Is that really Justin bieber

  • I can sort of see why you would wonder about that, Trent, because you’re looking at the small images. However, if you click on the actual picture and look at the larger version, you can see that it’s definitely him.

  • they r so cute<3

  • They are pretty adorable, aren’t they, Ikill. I kinda wanna pinch their cheeks and cook them meat and potatoes! They’re my nephew and nieces’ age so I can’t help but look at them and think they’re adorable. Aww. Cute couple.

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  • she is a fittie, she got no ass tho

  • selena is nice, justin is a complete idiot

  • she is fit, she must be attracted to complete bellends tho