written by Wanda

Selena Gomez Is Growing Up

There are a lot of Selena Gomez type celebrities out there in the entertainment industry today. You know the type I mean. They rise to fame on shows targeted at tweens and make their living by acting/singing/dancing and shilling all sorts of products to the tween girls who look up to them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. There’s definitely a market for it. In exchange, the girls get a positive role model to look up to, until that role model inevitably grows up and decides to try out a more mature image. Selena Gomez is at that stage in her career now but she’s going about it the right way. She’s not rushing into that more mature image. By choosing this path, she’s staying true to herself and her original fans while also drawing in new fans at the same time. These photos are a great example of what I mean. She looks lovely and most importantly, she looks comfortable and happy. Love these photos. I really think Selena has what it takes to last in this business.

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