written by Wanda

Selena Gomez Looks Gorgeous In Her Bikini

I have a soft spot for Selena Gomez even though I can’t quite figure out why. Of course she’s beautiful, talented and looks great in a bikini but it’s something more than that. Perhaps I like the fact that, unlike a lot of stars her age, she hasn’t been involved in any really serious scandals. She isn’t out partying and being crazy. She’s just a young girl that really seems to have her head screwed on straight. That’s so refreshing. In these photos of Selena in Miami, Florida, she seems like any other girl her age. She’s enjoying a little time by the pool and seems to be relaxed and carefree. I think Selena has a bright future in the entertainment industry as long as she keeps making smart choices.



  • i want to screw her

  • Selena is a gorgeous gal. She knows that she does not have to do the stupid shit that other stars are doing. She can get by just fine acting the way she should. What a true role model for other celebs.

  • oh yes, she is such a hottie

  • So much hotter now that she is no longer dating an adolescent.

  • No longer in a lesbian relationship

  • Tasty.

  • id be all over it, hottie