written by Wanda

Selena Gomez Poses For Her New Fragrance

I’ve never really gotten the point of celebrity fragrances. I don’t particularly want to smell like any of my favorite celebrities but I suppose they could make a good holiday gift. Who would I buy Selena Gomez’s new fragrance for? Well, I don’t know. Perhaps the Selena Gomez fan on my list that has all of her albums, DVDs, etc. I suppose that isn’t really the point though. So what is the point. Pretty simple. Selena Gomez is gorgeous. As it was pointed out in a comment on another Selena post I did, she’s only 19, not in her early twenties like I thought. That surprises me, especially when I see pictures like these ones from her photo shoot for her new fragrance. She’s a young girl with the poise and maturity of someone much older. I love this girl and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.


  • I like Selena. I really do. But there’s something I find a bit odd about her coming out with her own fragrance. I’m not quite sure why. Her age, perhaps? I don’t know. I’d feel the same way if she came out with her own biography.

  • The only fragrance from her that I care about is the sweet fragrance of her smoothly shaved poon.

  • Roger Dodger, I don’t think that’s gonna happen in your lifetime. You have more chance of smelling the sweet fragrance of your breath – which isn’t gonna happen either, not with the type of colourful lingo that comes outta your mouth when addressing women.

  • STFU Bitch!

  • Selena Gomez is my favourite singer and I think it is amazing that she is able to launch a new fragrance considering she is only 19 and most singers/actors don’t even have their own fragrance. I can’t wait to go and see what it’s like

  • Brianna, she’s definitely achieved a lot in her young life. Thanks to the young ones in my family, I watch the Wizards of Waverly Place more times than I care to mention! She is indeed talented and beautiful. If she’s done this much at her age, it’ll be interesting to see how she grows into her 30s.

  • Selena has a good voice, it’s not WOW in my opinion, but it’s good. Maybe it’ll get better as she gets older. I think Demi Lovato has a better voice. However, overall, Selena’s a good entertainer – she acts, she sings — and she’s an entrepreneur which is good to see for someone her age. She’s not sticking to just one way to make money. I find that admirable in anybody, celebrity or not.

  • hahahahahahaha….rodger is a funny dude

  • Aww, I think Serena’s sweet. I can’t actually see her as sexy at all. She looks too cute to me for that with her baby face. I wouldn’t buy her fragrance, but good on her for coming out with it.

  • First off, Roger Dodger you have a foul mouth and I can’t imagine any female ever wanting your attention. I sure as hell wouldn’t give you a second glance. Second, my son is a HUGE Selena Gomez fan at only 2 years old. We watch Wizards of Waverly Place all the time and whenever he hears her talking or singing he gets ecstatic and screams “look mommy my girlfriend” lol. At 19, she has done amazing things with her life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for such a talented successful young woman like Selena.

  • Wifey2308, I don’t have time for people with remarks such as Roger Dodger’s, which is why I choose to ignore it most of the time. The best thing for a bad smell is an open window.

    Selena Gomez is a great example of someone who has her head squarely on her shoulders and is paving her own way.

  • “cough’ selena’s a whore..

  • l:L

  • Wow she so pretty she’s defenly out of my leage oh well

  • OMG Selena you are so fucking hot<33333

  • es muy linda selena

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  • Dear Homayoun, what the hell are you on about? And what in the hell does it have to do with celebrities? You’ve either had one too many shots of vodka on a Saturday night or you’re spamming. Either way, not good.

  • Everyone finds it weird that selena is coming out with her own fragrance at her age… what about justin bieber?

  • I had no idea Bieber has his own fragrance. If that’s the case, I find that weird too. Age is obviously not a hindrance as they’ve both proven it can be done – but there’s something I find strange about it, maybe ‘cos I’m not used to it.

  • I think Selena is way to young to have her own fragrance. Plus, she is a Disney-created singer and, quite frankly, not very good.

  • She might seem too young, but then I’m thinking who’s her target market?

    Nothing necessarily wrong with being a Disney-created singer. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club and they’re not bad singers, especially Christina. Believe me, Britney could sing better when she was younger – not sure where she later on picked up the habit of singing all nasal-like and tonguey.

  • idc shes a great singer, great actor, and not to mention freaking hot

  • Wow Selena is beautiful not just beautiful but hot as well I’m jelouse that Justin bieber is dating her Wish that were me instead of Justin oh well

  • @Homayoun parnian
    you are an idiot

  • I don’t find it weird that they have their own fragrance? They meaning Justin and Selena, btw. I guess I would find it weird if Justin had a fragrance for boys though, but I like his Someday perfume, it’s cute. I like both of them for what they have accomplished, they are so young! I like Justin for his singing and Selena for her acting :- ) Let them do whatever they want! I mean, they get to do these cool things they like and earn money from it, it’s what everybody wants, right?

  • u people are pathetic GET A FUKIN LIFE

  • Poke Fan, the fact you’ve taken time to comment on this post means you are one of the peeps you’re telling to get a f**in life? Which means you need to practice what you preach and go get one. Or do you like being a hypocrite?

  • It’s just a fragrance… I’m a 15 year old girl who likes to smell proper… and a perfume by one of my favorite Disney artists catches my attention. I love it. I don’t see how age has anything to do with it.
    They make money and enjoy their celebrity life and I get to smell good. No harm done.

  • Hey Angela hun, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with her releasing a fragrance or that there’s any harm in it. It’s just that I find it unusual for a teen to do so, not that it is wrong. It wasn’t really a criticism, more of a reaction, observation. I did go on to mention her target market – you, them are the ones who’ll buy it.

    Take care…

  • hey poke fan, funny how youre on this site too so..

  • my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and their like it better than yours

  • Kelis, I think it’s more like her perfume brings all the boys to the yard! And damn right, it’s better than Bieber’s perfume! But I don’t think she’s that type of girl though – she seems to be a one-man woman.

  • who effing cares what shes doing , shes hot

  • What’s a poon in the first place?

    She’s cool, selena, did she finally break up with justin bieber or are those rabid fans of his still sending her stupid death threats?

    Envious, obsessed, estrogen-filled fans are dangerous to deal with. =X

  • Cheyenne, a woman is much more than how she looks. I hope you know that.

    Happy: a poon? In the context of Roger’s comment, have a guess.

    As far as I’m aware, she hasn’t broken up with Justin, or else it’d be all over the net by now. I don’t get why some of his fans are jealous. If they really liked him that much, they’d be happy he’s happy.

  • I’d smash the granny out of selena gomez

  • that water looks cold. be i could warm her up! with my penis

  • i don’t see the problem with slena having her own purfum
    happy: i think that justin and slena are not going out
    also dont post bad word and be rudd its mean to say that about slena and slena is just a girl whos on a adventer and trying new stuff and is having fun with it. (Last justins perfum smells good evan though im a girl i think his clon smells better becuse it smells like pine needles) i have not smelled slenas perfum yet and i can’t wait

  • Slut. All I Can say is S.L.U.T.

  • sunshine, stfu and learn to spell cause your annoying and u sound like a 2 year old

  • i know that she is pretty but she is not that pretty whit out mack up she is ugly whit no make up and justin beaber is chiting on salene beacuse she is ugly and stupid too =( see u latter

  • very sexy as all selena’s pics are, i just wish she was wearing nothing at all lol

  • shit the only good thing about that bitch is her jaw structure you know she gives head like a heroin hoar….

  • Weell. I think selena is amazingly talented… But i think that since she came out of disney she has been acting a little dirty with bad photo’s and things! Oh and if she keeps having bad or gross pictures or bad things writen about her the younger kids that seen her on disney with still follow her and see all this!!

  • well she needs it when i met her she stunk

  • I think Selena has became more.. well i wouldn’t say sl*ty but she has been showing more skin ever since she started going out with Justin. I mean i respect her but at this moment i do have less respect for her and her music since i don’t like her music but.. I respect her for who she is but.. she’s making me hate her because of her way of saying “I am now turning into all the other and showing A LOT more skin then normal” I mean i’m not saying she will ever say that but… No I am losing respect for her unlike Demi…

  • i like selena gomez but i find it funny how on acebook chat i type : [[stupidhoe]] and a picture of selena gomez comes out. lol. but i really do like her but i wouldnt really call mysel a fan

  • lori it is ok that as she is getting older she is exploring and learning about her self and her sexuallity.. i dont see how she has taken over the limit unlike some that come out of diseny… i mean take little sweet hanna montana star… she has went so wild and to be honest her daddy needs to bend her over his knee and bust her a**…
    as for u young men please put ur selves in the roll of a dad… wld u like guys talking this way about girls/women???? i have 4 son’s and they all know an can tell u that they wld be knocked on their butts fast if i ever seen or heard them disrespecting any female the way ya’ll r

  • Will, Herp, Bangin Rails: be ashamed of yourself. Very ashamed. Tiffany: how can you make the comment you’ve made, then call Sunshine annoying? Pot. Kettle. Taylor: you must have a strange sense of humor, because being called a stupid hoe is not remotely funny.

    Lori: erm, so you respect Selena, but you have less respect for her, but you respect her, but you hate her, but you’re losing respect for her. Riiiight. Got it.

  • hot hot hot

    Selena Gomez is 19 years old. She is officially an adult and can do what she damn well please! Also, I know some guys will say “Shes an adult now, I can talk about her “poon” or how hot she is but it is just rude. You guys want girls like her? Show some chivalry, courteousy, and change your whole outlook on life and you may get one! Also, to Selena! Congratulations on your success and I wish you many more in the future. Pleasant evenings to all of you!

  • Uhhh, ok. She’s 19, she’s an adult, she can do whatever the HELL she wants to do! If people are seriously are saying Selena is too young for her own fragrance, then open your damn eyes and see that Justin Bieber has his own perfume…, and he’s a guy, and 17. So…

  • Katie, of course she can do whatever she wants. I encourage it and applaud her for doing so. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t share my opinion. I think I’m entitled to that. I haven’t been rude about it. All I said was I found it odd, but that’s mostly because I’m not used to someone her age releasing a fragrance. I didn’t say it was wrong.

    I didn’t know Bieber released a fragrance, so it’s not like I’m choosing to comment about Selena over Bieber.

  • Tanya;
    I was never saying you couldn’t say what you wanted to. I also never said that what you said, was wrong. A lot of people find it weird, but I dont, and all I’m saying is that younger people than her have their own perfume…

  • Is she bathing in her own fragrance???

  • Katie: I took your previous comment the wrong way. I responded as such. Sorry. Thanks for elaborating on what you meant. I think it’s a matter of me getting used to teenage celebs releasing their own fragrances – the more of them that do, the less foreign (and odd) I’ll find it. Take care…

  • Please. She’s only famous because she is a Disney star. Pretty much any and almost every Disney star becomes a singer one way or another. Have you heard her actually sing? She can act, sure, but come ON. She’s not that great. Also, please, let’s be mature and not bash Roger or anyone else because they want to express something. If you don’t like it, get over it. Easy.

  • C, I hear you, but it’s one thing to express one’s opinion, it’s another to be rude and derogatory while expressing it. There’s nothing immature about challenging that. I don’t think that’s bashing. That’s calling him out on something he’s said.

  • I’m not being rude but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care and every comment is just feeding him on. It’s usually how “trolling,” works. I don’t understand why everyone is taking such a serious outlook on a stupid comment on a website that won’t do any good to criticize him for what he has said or what anyone else has said for that matter. It definitely won’t change anything.

  • She’s hot! She is of legal age. Guys want to bone her! GET OVER IT!

  • C, the same way you wanted to comment (and did), is the same way others have. I hear you when you say he’s probably a troll. But nonetheless, if people want to ignore or address him, it’s up to them. I mean, you’re commenting about him too, so we’re all part of the same soup so-to-speak. (p.s.: I know you’re not being rude, and I appreciate it. I love that we can air and respect our views without it, even if we differ.)

    George: I agree, she’s beautiful. but it doesn’t give anyone the right to be derogatory in their expression of that acknowledgement.

  • Wow, you people take this stuff WAY too seriously. This ia a site that specializes in crotch shots, camel toes, and upskirts… what the hell do you expect? It isn’t the debate team at Princeton. Jeesh!

  • First of all, for all you “she’s so hot”. She’s not always hot, she really needs the right kind of makeup!! Her face changes A LOT with makeup and I noticed that she doesn’t always look the same. She also has meager things that annoy me like her teeth and overbite. But besides all that she’s still CUTE. But no she’s not always “hot” or “gorgeous”. She needs a certain amount of makeup to look a certain way. She looks horribly nerdy and plain in that purple bikini picture below this thread. Anyway, I could care less if she’s coming out with her own perfume. Who cares? Though Taylor Swift’s fragrance smells really good and so does Justin Bieber’s. But the only reason why she’s famous is b/c she was on a popular TV show (Disney) about Wizards, hmmm, that’s a hard one to figure, and for the most part, she has a cute look that most girls would envy, being she’s so small and petite and most guys would find attractive. She can barely belt out a tune or hold a note and kind of wails her hands all over the place in performances. Hardly a noteworthy performer. So that being said, she’s cute and I looked to her for fashion inspiration and I like her music, but she’s also a horrible singer who isn’t always gorgeous.

  • Something I will NEVER be able to grasp, is, why the FUCK do you mindless puppets of this brainwashed Western world cheer for beauty and looks and looking like a plastic frickin’ Barbie that much?

    What gets me really frustrated, is; why do those snobbish designers make all these ridiculous fucking things they dare call ‘clothes’ and ‘fashion’ that won’t ever even get fucking worn? Is this small, meaningless post futile? Yes, because they’re fucking swimming in their money in one of their chambers of their big-ass castle(s) right now…

    And those mannequins that march like pre-programmed robots on the carpet because they’re too retarded to serve society any other way?

    They’re just pawns… Pawns to feed the international capital-hungry businessmachine…

  • she’ll be 20 in july …

  • Hey,So I’m just putting this out there. Mostly because we all have our different views on this topic. But she’s 19 now. She wasn’t going to stay little Ms.Alex Russo for the rest of her life. The same thing happened with Miley Cyrus. They grow up it happens.If she wants to come out with a new fragrance then let her.I mean I think it’ll do pretty darn good. I hope some of you actually look over your cruel and mean hatred toward her and step back and realize she’s just this ordinary girl. She has SO much more pressure on her because she’s from Disney. Just because she dresses different doesn’t make her a whore or a slut. She doesn’t look like one either.I bet her fragrance is going to be JUST fine. You people don’t even realize how horrible you are. And yes Justin Bieber did have his own fragrance come out. NOBODY complained. It was just a bunch of teen girls who were all excited be cause he’s THE Justin Bieber! And you get to smell like him. NEWS FLASH most of the people who are on here posting hateful comments about her are just those same teen girls who are mad that he’s not your boyfriend.Some of you need to grow up and realize she’s just trying to find her life.She’s almost 20! She wont stay young forever. Its time for her AND YOU to just grow up. But I’m Just Saying.

  • selena gomez is justin biebers bad chose and selena is very ugly than my ass very beuti

  • Didik, I hope you feel better now you’ve said that. I’m happy for you. No, really. Now you’ve said something you’ve never had the balls to say to someone in real life, it might give you the courage to actually go out there and try it in real life. Once you do, do come back and tell me how it went.

  • I don’t think it’s weird at all they have their own fragrances because its making major cash that many people cannot get in a lifetime. in not like they are doing sex movies or anything. its a smell! And people hate justin beiber and and selena,, saying they suck and stuff,, but really,, do they really suck,,? they are getting millions of dollars,, SINGING!!! do they suck? can you get a bunch of cash singing.. lets see you try! i think they are doing a good thing on making a good living for themselves at such a young age,, and whats soo wrong with her having a fregrance? Miley did it, Brittany did it, Justin did it and hes even youger than Selena,, just saying (: if your veiws are diffrent, so be it.. its my beleifs.

  • Tanya-coming out with a fragrance has to do with her popularity its simply a money grab.You can’t compare launching a fragrance with coming out with a biography.One has to do with timing the other has to do with having a little
    life under your belt.

  • Hi Megan. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion. It’s cool. Just for the record, I don’t think either one of them suck. I think they’re both quite cute and make a sweet lil couple.

    Hi David. I made the comparison in terms of age and experience.

  • I love sel I really do but its a bit stupid to use your phone in the water but i love the photos she looks really sexi , SERIOUSLY THOUGH dont chat sh!t about Jusstin coz he aint done nothing to you or selena if anything He has helped her get more publicity so STFU. K. You mad?Stay Mad.

  • I really love you selena!!im your number 1 fan!! And i will do anything for you!!


  • i remember when she used to be on Barney… and that were the same age :D I admire her a lot. shes great :3


  • u r ol full of lies

  • Sexy ass bitch

  • suck my deeck with theesssee angilna lips huhuh suck it yeah babeeeii

  • She’s so hot.

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  • Its very important

  • I dont think she should have a perfume, its trying to make money but look at her…..shes not that pretty, but what do you expect, disney gets rid of everyone sooner or later. But really its just dumb.


  • i just or dont find her hot, Cute yes but not hot beautiful….maybe but not hot and for rodger dodger that was really crud …. but i found it funny cause your never gonna have it

  • Let people think what they want, if you don’t like her- then don’t like her! If you do- then continue to do so… Why waste you’re time posting comments with bad grammar over the web in a pointless argument over whether it’s wrong, odd, or good for Selena to come out with her perfume, or simply argue if she’s pretty or not. It doesn’t matter what you say on the site because it’s not doing anything but providing cheap entertainment to people on the web. I was very entertained by the comments, both good and bad. In the end who care’s whether or not she’s released a fragrance? If you like it then you buy it, if you don’t then you won’t. If you want to rant about you’re opinions then that’s your choice, but it’s not that big a deal. There are billion’s of people all over the world and they all have their own opinions, let them. If it’s different, then what can you do about it? Though I do have a feeling that this is going to be voted down…

  • selena is beautiful i wish i could look like her. she is lucky

  • she is a very pretty young lady

  • Happy birthday Selena. Haha time for the big 2 0.

  • And this is why I hate forums. =_=’
    Anyway, good job Selena! I think she is a very beautiful and accommplished young woman and wish to be like her. As long as she doesn’t travel down the wrong path. That’s happened to too many stars. I can understand her wanting to show more skin- she’s an adult for pete’s sake. I think it’s fine to express yourself your own way as long as you don’t take it too far, of course. Though I do not like perfume I hope I can find a sample in a store somewhere so I can see what it smells like.
    I hope you have (or had) a good birthday. :)


  • Too many clothes on her.. It could have been a little bit better.. :P

  • First of all, people who want to say perverted stuff please don’t post, keep it in your HEAD ok? Also people who don’t like her, don’t comment. Also don’t fight, call each other rude names etc, it’s just stupid and worthless. Finally to the people who tried to stop the fighting etc, thank you.
    Do your best Selena!

  • she is very fit

  • Come on guys, yes she is hot and 95+% of Americans that have seen her want a part of that. This isn’t some spread for playboy it’s a shoot for the release of her new fragrance. I’m really happy to see that she’s continued to move on after Wizards of Waverly Place came to an end. She has too much talent to fade off like that. I’m still overly impressed that she is accomplishing this much at such a young age. Great job and I’m looking forward to the release of this. I know someone that will be thrilled to receive a bottle.

  • veri…veri…sexi goood

  • and her boyfriend is justin bieber

  • nice looking girl


  • Uhm…..What does it mean to have your own fragrance? Does it mean to start a new brand for perfume? Don’t get me wrong, I like Selena but i’m just a lil’ clueless as to what it means to have your own fragrance

    But hey! I can’t wait to see what’s installed for the future regarding Selena’s new fragrance :) You go Big Sis!!!

  • Megan and others, her and bieber are popular because they appeal to teenage boys and girls simple, the only people who like bieber are little girls because they facy him, so they are popular because they are very good looking, Its the way the world is, everyone is obsessed by looks etc, blame the media etc.

    It’s no wonder people like bieber have heads up their own asses, are arrogant when they have people massaging their ego’s and are laughing to the bank like they have real talent, there are many singers more talented than bieber in my honest opinion and they have a quarter of what he does, life is so great

  • she somehow manged to be as annoying and as much of a nuisance as her boyfriend justin bieber, props to her, what an accompishment.

    Her music sucks ass too

  • Hello to everyone who criticized Selena in any of ur comments!!!!!! If u didn’t like that she had her perfume, why did u even bother looking at it? Losers u must just like criticiing people to do that to her. Get a life u r just jelous of her because u never had ur oun perfume!! XP

  • Oh btw I’m sorry Selena but I think I like taylor swift’s perfume instead. But I still like urs!!!!!

  • Selena’s great but can’t she smile every once in a while she’s beautiful so whats holding her back?

  • she has not much talent but she is fit so she is popular, have you guys not realised nowadays everything is based on looks?

  • Yes, everthing is based in looks, she doesnt have much talent but she is fit so she has fragnance lol, her and bieber must be a match made in heaven

  • I love the way Selena looks . She is very pretty and I disagree with anyone who says that she does not have much talent. I feel that she is a good singer. And this photo shoot suits her well. She looks great.

  • jess, everything is sujective everyone has different opinions, I think she is a pretty girl, others might disagree, woudl be bit boring if everyone thought the same

  • cant wait see cock inside her mouth

  • big C O C K inside her pussy

  • I think bieber cant make she lost virginity coz his C O C K are to smalllllll!

  • Selena is beautiful and She is a great girl I love her!!!

  • such a pretty face, love to jizz all over it

  • id smash her hard