written by Wanda

Selena Gomez Rocks A Sexy Festive Look

Ya know, I’m really starting to like Selena Gomez. I’ve always considered her the most normal celebrity out there in her age group and I definitely appreciate that but I’ve also started appreciating her emerging ability to be sexy without being cheap or trashy. Here at the Jingle Ball in Sacramento, California, Selena gets into the holiday spirit by hitting the stage in a festive red and white dress that looks absolutely adorable on her. Although I’ve never really been a big fan of Selena’s music, it looks like she really puts on a great show. Perhaps I’ll have to give her music another shot.


  • I’m really not one for Selena Gomez’s music. However, I think she dresses like a lady – leaves something to the imagination. I’m not saying women can’t dress how they want, but Selena shows that there’s more than one way to dress.

  • selena eu te amo

  • Every diisney channel star is changing. Good to bad slowly I hate it

  • Barely 18 is alright for me.

  • I’d bang her

  • so hot

  • sure a lot of people think that the disney image is forever and is not because as they grow up they have a life to live

    keep your kids from watching things they shouldnt BE A PARENT

    and the reallity is she is sexy, hot, cute, pretty or whatever you want to think

  • People posting comments and crap about Disney stars who are turning ” bad “, but i think it’s a bull. Do you really think somebody will grow up to be 25 and still think animals can talk english?

  • Is somewhat crooked, right turn, more similar to the one you hate her so crazy, because since you will not let you piss on his head …. I think that animals are just so want to kick you in the balls, and if someone grows up to 25 cm-is this anomaly disgust, I would boast to so-example-goes kozatá Ladd and knocking her to the jelly to the chin, the owner of the guys ass .. then comes so-called zone of the airport owner and the ass anyway, why, because as you all peppered his metrákovým manure, the one with boobs just like no goats, and tern guy who worries about his peace, is it just stupid.

  • Gogether – that’s exactly why you won’t.

    Leva Lice, hun, do you actually understand what you’ve written? Because for the life of me, I don’t, and I’ve read your comment twice. Sorry.

    Selena’s a beautiful young lady with more dress sense than a couple other ladies I can think of.

  • She’s so pretty

  • woo she is HOTTT!!!!!!!!!

  • i have no complaint


  • Somehow, Doesnt Matter, I really don’t think you did any of that last night, not with her anyway. I’m just guessing, you know. It’s more likely it was in your dreams. Very likely. In fact, I can bet my money on it.

  • She gropes her boyfriend in front of the world constantly, and wears the skimpiest of bathing suits. Who cares, but for the fact that when other more talented celebrities her age do that, or less, they are branded as tramps, etc. You are all hypocrites. It’s just that some folks show their real selves, and for others, it’s all just pr and constant thanking of the ‘fans’ that gets her attention. Anyway, who really cares. They can all do whatever they want, but I just see through the bs – they are all the same. They’re all just young girls trying to be noticed. ‘Whatever’ to them all. Why can’t any of them leave Disney and maybe go back to school or something? Now that would be impressive.

  • Erm, Mic, keyword: her boyfriend – so she can show affection with him in public if she chooses.

    I’ve seen much skimpier bathing suits on other female celebs. I wouldn’t look at the bathing suits I’ve seen Selena in and particularly think skimpy/risque.

    If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be commenting, so I’m thinking there’s a part of you that cares, even if it’s enough to state your opinion.

    There’s nothing out of the ordinary about teenagers wanting to be noticed. Why should it be any different because they’re celebrities?


  • selena gomez tu est trop bandante jte baiserai bien dans un lit rempli de merde je mangerai meme ton caca rien ke pour te voir en vrai

  • The Truth: haha! You’re funny! You know and I know that’s Selena Gomez. Maybe she’s both, a friend of yours AND Selena Gomez :-)

    Dvqbbfsb, I don’t speak or read French, but I know enough to know that’s French you’ve written. So I went to Google Translate to check what you’d written. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you wanna eat Selena’s poop? Oh dear. Not very nutritious, is it now?

  • no offense to him but i think Justin beiber looks like a dyke… a female bull-dyke. I think its crazy that he is with someone who is so damn hot. just my opinion, though.

  • @xxxgarionxx ; what is wrong with you? This post has nothing what so ever to do with Justin Bieber and posting stuff like that is mean. Just because you write ¨no offence¨ first doesn’t mean that you can say whatever, things still hurt. Just because he is a famous person he is still a person with feelings. Justin Bieber doesn’t look like a dyke, his looks are perfectly fine.