written by Wanda

Selena Gomez Wearing Pajamas?

I’m not sure what Selena Gomez is wearing in these shots but it kind of looks like pajamas to me. I’m not really sure this particular look is working for me which is a little unusual. I typically love Selena’s fashion sense but yeah … this look is a little far removed from Selena’s typical fashion. The print is just so busy and the style itself is so unflattering. Not really what I would consider a good look for her – or anyone else for that matter. She still looks super cute but I think that just goes without saying with Selena. Now, I of course can’t do a Selena Gomez post without mentioning the latest of her and The Biebs. Apparently he tweeted a photo of the two together the other night making it look like they’re back on. Some people are whining about the lack of consistency with these two. I just think it’s par for the course. They’re young. They’ll probably break up and make up a few more times before they decide whether or not they want to stay together for keeps.

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