written by Ann

Selma Blair’s Hot Bikini Body

Selma Blair showed off her hot bikini body on her day out at the beach. Blair will be gracing the TV screen soon with her new show, “Kath and Kim.” This is a new comedy that is based on the Australian version that was a great hit Down Under. Blair played the daughter in the show while Molly Shannon played the mother. Blair joked about people’s perceptions on beauty as they obtained fake beauty to show off even when others knew they were fakes. “Kath and Kim” will debut on Oct. 9.

Selma Blair

Selma Blair in bikini Kath and Kim Selma Blair by the beach Selma Blair is hot Selma Blair 6.jpg Selma Blair 7.jpg Selma Blair 8.jpg Selma Blair 9.jpg Selma Blair stripping


  • She is disgusting in one of her movies she does a sickening thing her stupid new tv show is going to get cancell it sucks

  • she is cool like goodlooking without the makeup