written by Ann

Selma Blair Inside “Kath & Kim”

Selma Blair was on her film set inside the Burbank Media Center Mall in Burbank, California. A few scenes for Blair’s new movie, “Kath & Kim”, were filmed on location in the real shopping center. “Kath & Kim” was an original Australian show which has tried to get a wider appeal by having its US version custom made in the US. The American show has Blair playing Kim and her best friend Kath is handled by Molly Shannon.

Selma Blair

Burbank Media Center Selma Blair 2.jpg Kath & Kim Selma Blair 4.jpg Selma Blair 5.jpg Selma Blair in shorts Selma Blair filming new movie Selma Blair 8.jpg Selma Blair in yellow top Selma Blair 10.jpg Selma Blair 11.jpg Selma Blair 12.jpg Selma Blair 13.jpg Selma Blair 14.jpg Selma Blair 15.jpg Selma Blair 16.jpg Selma Blair ass Selma Blair legs


  • Last few pictures are really awesome!

  • She starred in Hellboy right? Loved that movie :)

  • It’s a show, not a movie. And they play mother and daughter, not friends.

  • This is wrong! So very wrong! The point of Kath is her overinflated ego – she’s fat and obnoxious but still thinks she’s God’s gift.

    Do yourself a favour and skip this shitfest: watch the original or don’t bother. Remember what the US studios did to Ab Fab? Why do US TV studios insist on raping good shows?

  • I really don’t like her attitude and honestly I didn’t like the show.

    Amo a Selma, me encanta ella como persona, me parece muy carismatica, muy graciosa, me cae muuuy bien como mujer, i en cuanto la actuacion, selma ha crecido bastante como actriz en estos años.
    asiq la felicito
    i le dese lo mejor en este programa :D

  • she is a slut maybe i love it lol, i bet charlie sheen banged her for real

  • she is quite nice