written by Ann

Selma Blair Looking Cute

Selma Blair looked cute in her wardrobe assemble on the set of “Kath and Kim.” The show had some critics and some fans too. Blair has agreed to be featured in a new line of celebrity trading cards. The entertainment company, A-List Global Media, will make the cards called PopCardz. Blair said she was once a collector of trading cards too. She said the cards will benefit the celebrity’s causes as the information would be listed on the card.

Selma Blair

Selma Blair in skirt Selma Blair shows legs Selma Blair looking cute Selma Blair is leggy Kath and Kim Selma Blair blowing you a kiss PopCardz Selma Blair in heels Selma Blair in yellow shorts Selma Blair with policegirl


  • I’ll enjoy these photos while I can, since the show seems unlikely to last the season.

  • She looks hot on that show. It’s the only reason I watch it, honestly. Thank you Selma for being hot :)

  • noticed this chick on anger management she sure is a fittie, nice looking and a great body, sure like to bang her hard

  • she is quite fit