written by Wanda

Selma Blair Looking Hot In Malibu

I love Selma Blair. I’ve always loved Selma Blair. I was thrilled when I heard she’d joined the cast of Anger Management and she continues to be a big part of the reason I still tune in. I like the cast but sometimes I feel like the show isn’t nearly edgy enough to be on a network like FX. In these photos from Malibu, Selma is showing off many of the things I like most about her. She’s got a beautiful body, a pretty face and she seems to know how to relax. She looks like she’s having such a great time in these photos and I find that so appealing. She just seems like a laid back sort of person and that’s the kind of person I get along with best. Selma is definitely one of my favorite actresses working today, even if I don’t always feel she gets the best material on Anger Management.

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