written by Ann

Selma Blair’s Sexy Midriff

Selma Blair has been photographed in her private moments checking out her skinny midriff, which looks kind of sexy. The actress was so worried about putting on weight that she consumed a quantity of liquids during her time on this set. She had at least two different drinks here. Blair was rumored to be close terms with her TV husband, Mickey Day. During one party at the Outback Steakhouse in Burbank, Blair was seen drinking with Michael Day, who was rubbing her neck and arms.

Selma Blair

sexy Selma Blair Selma Blair in shorts Selma Blair 3.jpg Selma Blair 4.jpg Selma Blair 5.jpg Selma Blair 6.jpg Selma Blair 7.jpg Selma Blair 8.jpg Selma Blair 9.jpg

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