written by Wanda

Serena Williams – Fit Or Fat?

I think by now you all know my opinion on this one. There is nothing fat about Serena Williams except her attitude (which I love about her, by the way) and it seems at least some of you agree with me. So why do the nasty insults persist? With these photos, Serena once again shows off her toned, athletic body and I took a really close look this time. I can’t see any fat. The woman is all muscle – as she has to be. She is a professional athlete. As I said last time, it is completely unfair to compare Serena with the likes of Anna Kournikova because one of them (Serena, obviously) is one of the most talented women in tennis. The other is only a little better than especially talented amateurs. With that said, the comparisons are still made and folks wind up calling Serena fat. I am not one of them.


  • shes fat and hideously gruesome – delete any photos of her please, I feel ill looking at them

    • I feel ill looking at your comment, but I’m not going to delete that. How about if you just skip the Serena posts?

  • She looks like a giant silverback. There is nothing sexy about her.

  • she’s fit and looking very good, she can’t be fat for the sport she plays anyway, some people are just not reasonable,and like to pull down others

    • Agreed Augustus. I don’t see anything ‘fat’ about her.

  • Currently “fat.” Recovering from surgery, that’s a good thing for now.

    • I think someone mentioned that on the last Serena post I did. I still don’t think she’s fat. She still looks toned to me.

  • bob you suck.

  • Sooner or later she will gain more muscle weight and lose fat that is currently surrounding her.. like it or not :)

  • can’t decide..she is hot

  • i wanna fuck that nice sexy ass!!

  • bob (1st comment): then don’t look at them, then. Simple.

    Evilbob: with manners like that, you’ll find that you’re the true ape.

    Anon: She is more than just ‘a nice sexy ass’. Her name is Serena Williams, one of the best if not THE best tennis players around. Powerful. Sexy. Talented. Independent. Determined.

    Serena’s not fat. She is muscly and curvy with it too. The strength of her body, coupled with her stubborn determination, has earned her countless tennis tournaments, a body she’s worked hard to hone, tennis awards she’s worked hard to win.

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  • my ultimate fantasy is serena williams, she is so fine id love to shag her anyway, and i mean is she fat or fit well she is a pro tennis player so anyone who thinks fat is a deluded troll who thinks the only sexy women in this world are skinny plastic looking types

  • she is a professional tennis player so wha do you think, she is not fat in any way, she has a toned body with great curves, she is nice looking and is not skinny like these bimbo models we see.

    Basically we live in a society where if a women has a bit of meat on her she is called fat?, and I know for sure I would kick serena out of my bed personally but we all have our own tastes but I’d love to have a night in bed with this sexy ass women

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  • she has a great body for sure, she is a sexy women, I cant understand this obsession people hve with a wmen having to be skinny to be hot, if yu ask me who I woudl rather have serena or say maria sharapova, Id pick serena personally, maybe not looks but better body.

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  • now that is a real women. that ass was made for a pounding

  • bob thinks she is fat and ugly but yet still posts comments on her pages, very strange isn’t it, he obviously likes her really.

    fine women, very big ass, her friend looks cute too

  • id lick her ass all day, she is hot, serena is a real women, not to mention a great tennis player