written by Ann

Serena Williams In Seductive Dress

Serena Williams won her third US Open title. She has won so many titles and trophies that she has become an almost permanent fixture on the tennis circuit. Here, she posed for pictures with her US Open trophy, wearing a seductive dress. A publisher has been actively negotiating for a book deal and will pay her $1 million for her inspirational memoir. If she signs on, it would be her first solo book. Some publishes stayed away from negotiations because they thought Serena Williams was over exposed and her story would not be new.

Serena Williams

US Open Serena Williams is tennis super star Serena Williams on police car seductive dress Serena Williams Serena Williams 6.jpg


  • Serena looks great! Hot stuff!

  • Looks like a midgets policemen. Serena is a hot amazon.

  • stunning women with big muscles and big boobs! what a package

  • she is fantastic, curvy and delicious, id love to have her in my bed