written by Wanda

Serena Williams Is Not Fat

It feels like every post about Serena Williams brings comments about her weight and it’s kind of ridiculous. There is a world of difference between fat and athletic and Serena is definitely the latter not the former. She’s an athlete and she’s built like an athlete. Sure there are many excellent female athletes out there that fall into more typical definitions of sexy – big boobs, slim waists etc – but there’s nothing typical about Serena and to me, that’s what makes her most appealing. I think Selena is an incredibly sexy woman and I love her body. Here in Miami, Serena spends a little time out with friends and she looks absolutely beautiful.


  • Freakin amazons can’t be “fat” per se. lol

  • Serena looks amazing; very fit, healthy, muscular, solid, curvy and comfortable in her own skin. Those who may think she’s fat need their eyes checked – those folks have their own issues. It’s always easier for some to point the finger at someone else than deal with their own shortcomings.

  • i disagree shes a fut ugly cow – makes me feel sick

  • MUSCLES -.-‘


  • I truly can’t decide if she is fat or not. But if Serena would lose some weight she could play tennis even better.

  • Bob: You’re entitled to your opinion. But that’s all it is – an opinion.

    SantosMantos: If you can’t decide if she’s fat or not, hun, then why do you feel she should lose weight?

    Everyone’s gonna have an opinion. And you know, that’s cool. That’s what makes us all different. But there’s a way to put it, Bob, without being insulting about the person you’re commenting about.

  • Hermosa, beautiful mujer, hermosissima, beautifulismmmm, rica, sabrosa

  • furthermore she has very beautiful smile, she seems naughty girl, negrita sabrosa.

  • She is fat as fuck now! Take care of yourself! You are paid to be an athlete, not a fat fucking pig!!!!

  • She is fat as now! Take care of yourself! You are paid to be an athlete, not a fat ass pig!!!!

  • Hello, my name is Serena Willaima, and I am a fat piece of shit!!!

  • I can’t believe that Serena has let herself go like this. Nothing like ESPN the body issue! She is so fat that it’s discusting! Get in the Game and stop being a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Serena as a big girl! I would love for her to sit on my face for hours at a time! I hope she gets up to around 220! I love the new fat ass and big time fat belly and legs! She would make a great Dominatrix after Tenis is over! Keep eating those sweets!

  • she is not fat you idiots, people like you are fools why come on this page if your going to post nasty comments? sums up some of the people nowadays

  • Nasty, there’s nothing feminine about her.

  • great tits and ass, she is fit as fk, some of you guys must be secretly puffs or not like real women, id tap her

  • she is a real foxy babe,nice face and a stunning body

  • if she is fat i may as well give up with myself, she has a great body with real curves, most guys who call her fat probably are too busy being brainwashed by the media into thinking the only people who can be attractive are skinny girls- plastic looking bimbos

    serena is a real women, nice and curvy not to mention she is so sexy, let me have women like serena any day of the week, gorgeous

  • now that is what a women should be shaped like, wish she was in my bed, id love to cuddle up to her on a cold night

  • she has a great body, saying she is fat is beyond stupid, so what do you women look like topless, perfect get a grip, she is a pro tennis player of course she is fit

  • i love meatier women like serena period, curves rock, she is hot as fuck anyway

  • that body is well buff, she is fit

  • No fat, just big sexy muscles! One night with this hot powerful beauty please

  • lets put it simple, Id love to have this women in my bed she has a nice figure, she is toned nice here, she doesn’t even have a belly wtf, and people call her fat?

    You must have to be stick thin now to not be called fat, no wonder we have so many young girls now who obsess about what they eat