written by Wanda

Serena Williams Proves There Is A World Of Difference Between Fat And Fit

Here we see Serena Williams looking like she’s having a great time in Miami Beach, Florida. We also see her looking super toned and fit. I know there are a lot of people out there who like to say Serena is fat but I think those people are confused. The muscle definition we see here on Serena is not something one would see on a fat person – not by a long shot. There is a reason for that. There is nothing fat about Serena. She is an athlete and she has the body of an athlete. She’s fit and she’s fantastic. I love everything about this woman. I think she’s gorgeous. I don’t care what anyone else says.


  • she is a proper women sexy and buff wow, i wish i had her in my bed, she has an awesome body

  • Definitely not fat. But fit? More like freakin’ amazon!

    • I considered the fit thing when I posted the title. I think “fit” means different things in different places. Here, fit means athletic. From comments I’ve seen on here, I’m guessing fit it other places means fine or hot or whatever. Ah, language. So simple and so complicated at the same time.

  • i love to plow this women, i prefer thicker women in general

  • Fit in slang terms means good looking. sexy, attractive that sort of thing.

    I do like Serena, But there are many wta tennis stars who are very hot too like Wozniacki, Azarenka, Ivanovic,Bouchard, Robson to name a few