written by Wanda

Seriously? Alessandra Ambrosio Too?

A few hours ago, I posted a set of photos featuring Adriana Lima at the Fashion Awards in New York and in that post, I mentioned how very many beautiful women seemed to have been in attendance. I opened this set of photos and glance at the info given to me with the photos. What do I see? Alessandra Ambrosio at the Fashion Awards in NYC. Was this some sort of super hot supermodel summit or something? Seriously though, one would expect something called the Fashion Awards to attract tons of hot models so it makes sense but it just seems to me that if I came up with a list of my 10 absolute favorite models, all 10 of them would’ve been in attendance at this event. How was I not there? Oh right – I’m nowhere near New York, have nothing to do with the fashion industry and have never done any modeling. Well, aside from some fetish modeling once upon a time but that’s a whole other story. Moving on.

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