written by Wanda

Sexi Leilani Dowding In Swimsuit Photoshoot

The last time I posted about Leilani Dowding, I spoke of the fact that I’d never heard of her until I was assigned the set of pictures I was posting about. A helpful reader pointed out that Leilani is pretty well known in the UK as a Page 3 girl. Since that time, I’ve done a little reading about the girl and have learned, well, not really much more than I knew back then. I suppose it’s not really a bit deal. In my research, I found tons of super sexy pictures of the girl so it was hardly time wasted. I have to admit though, these swimsuit shots are among the sexiest pictures I’ve ever seen of her. While her swimsuit doesn’t leave much to the imagination, she doesn’t look trashy. She also looks relaxed and at easy which is always nice to see. I’m a big fan of this girl and look forward to more photo sets of her.



  • Leilani is more than just a pretty face too. She has 11 GCSEs and three A-levels under her belt and was studying Economics at university before she decided to take up modelling. She was originally going to be a city trader.

  • 10+++++ Fantastic body leilani …. thx bro

  • she certainly is easy on the eyes