written by Wanda

Sexy Abigail Clancy Bikini Pics.

I think Abigail Clancy is one of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry today even if she’s not one of the better known stars. She’s mostly known as a reality star right now but I could easily see that changing. She’s gorgeous and I think she could easily pull off a lighthearted romantic comedy. She just has the “romantic comedy” kind of look about her. See? This is why I should be a casting director. Picture any romantic comedy you’ve ever seen. Take out the leading lady and replace her with Abigail. It could work. All that is beside the point. We’re here to talk about these bikini pics. They’re hot and Abigail looks fabulous in them. I’m not really sure what else needs to be said. Hollywood people? Call me – I have some great ideas for a movie. It’d be a hit, I tell ya!

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