written by Wanda

Sexy Actress Jamie Lynn Sigler Gets Some Sun

I’ve always enjoyed Jamie Lynn Sigler’s work. She doesn’t strike me as the sort of girl that just takes every project that comes along, instead choosing things she actually wants to do. That isn’t a feeling I get with many of the other actresses of her generation. I was honestly never a big fan of “The Sopranos” although it had its moments, but I always enjoyed Jamie’s performance in it. Here in Miami, Jamie looks fabulous as she spends a little time relaxing in the sun. Perhaps what appeals to me most about her is that while she’s clearly a beautiful girl, she has a very unique sort of look. There’s just something about her that’s different. I love this lady and am thrilled I had the chance to write about her.


  • Hmm, she doesn’t look familiar to me. Not that I watched The Sopranos that much though. What role did she play in it?

    I’m more drawn to the woman standing beside her. It’s actually nice to see a woman with a body that looks lived in, that isn’t ‘perfect’, that I can relate to. She’s the true star in those pictures, in my opinion.

    • She’s been in a few different things but The Sopranos is what she’s best known for. She played Meadow. She was also on Entourage where she played a fictionalized version of herself. She was also in a movie called New York Serenade a few years back that was really good. She’s not really a big name actress, but I really like her. The woman standing beside her certainly isn’t the type of woman we normally feature here and it’s really nice to read that she’s appreciated. While I don’t find her body attractive in the traditional sense, I absolutely love (and respect) her confidence.

  • Yeah, that women certainly looks confident, and that’s something you can’t buy – it’s something that’s instilled in you or that you work hard to cultivate within yourself. I’d rather be her with her level of confidence than some women who have great bodies and pretty faces but don’t feel beautiful. It’s gotta start with confidence. It has to start from the inside.

    Jamie Lynn, did she come out with a single at some point, take a musical path?

    • Yes she did! I forgot all about that. She released a CD, Here to Heaven, a few years back. I actually own that. It was actually pretty decent. Not my favorite but worth the money I paid for it. I think she also had songs on a few soundtracks but I can’t remember what they were at the moment.

  • Ah, in that case, I remember who she is and the character she played in The Sopranos! I can’t remember that one song I heard her sing though, but she sounded OK. Actually, a bit better than OK. I’ve heard a lot worse in my time.

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