written by Wanda

Sexy Aida Yespica Teasing With Her Body

Aida Yespica is a gorgeous woman with a lot going for her. She’s absolutely stunning, has a gorgeous body and, if the wealth of bikini pictures I’ve written about with her name attached is any indication, spends a lot of time hanging out on the beach in various types of sexy swimwear. I’ll admit it. I’m jealous of her in many, many ways but mostly in the areas listed above. She’s taken what could’ve been a fleeting moment in the spotlight (her Miss Venezuela win) and parlayed it into a pretty decent career. I’m not sure exactly what she does these days but whatever it is, it keeps her name in the headlines so good for her. I look forward to many more sets of bikini pictures of this beautiful woman.


  • Stunning. Yes. Gorgeous body. Yes. But where’s her mind? I’d like to think she has plenty of that too or else she’s a woman with little or no substance. I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but there are only so many different ways I can look at the same butt, you know?

  • Worry who’s her hot prego friend?!?

  • Hmm, NonW00t, you could be right. Maybe her friend is pregnant. And, yes, either way, she does look beautiful.

    Don’t you think in the main picture up there that her friend looks a bit like Janice Dickinson? (Wanda, you can chime in if you want)

  • Seeing the UN in the nkekid bike ride video reminds me of how it was never possible to hop the fence there late at night and run through the garden, past the twisted gun sculpture, and up to the building itself before noticing the motion sensors on the sidewalk and sprinting back to the relative security of the street. Nope. Such a thing was never possible, especially circa 1990.

  • MiCuenta, does any of what you’ve written make any sense to you, honey, ‘cos it makes absolutely no sense to me. If you’re gonna spam, at least pretend you’re making an effort. That way, Karma won’t be so hot on your ass as it will be tomorrow.

  • I’ve aealrdy listened to hit the lights song an it’s just amazing!!Much better than Love you like a love song.Can’t wait to whatch the vid Kiss from Spain! <3

  • wow super ayda ass shots thx bro