written by Wanda

Sexy Amanda Seyfried Walks Her Dog

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway just in case anyone missed it the first hundred times. I love Amanda Seyfried. I’ve loved her since “Mean Girls”. She’s stunning. What do I love more than Amanda? Animals! That pretty much makes this set of pictures a dream come true for me. Amanda looks incredible as always but to be honest, as I always try to be, I’m actually more excited to see the dog. I love a woman that loves animals. Because this is HQ Celebrity though, I do feel the need to mention Amanda’s ass at least once since it looks awesome in her stretch pants. So yeah, Amanda has a nice can.


  • No! You don’t need to say you love Amanda Seyfried AGAIN, but you crack me up everytime you do. It’s rather endearing actually. And they call it puppy luuu-uuu-rve… :-)

    I think she looks completely difference in those pics with her hair up. Just as pretty though.

  • wow amanda ass 10+++++ thx bro