written by Wanda

Sexy Anja Rubik Stuns At The Met Ball

Model Anja Rubik definitely knows how to make sure she’s the center of attention. Just check out these photos of her from the Costume Institute Gala Met Ball in New York. She looks stunning, of course, but that dress is just begging for a wardrobe malfunction. With this one, she’s really taken the whole “Jolieing” thing to a whole new level and I dunno, it works. Normally I’d say she should’ve chosen something a little less revealing but this is the Met Ball. It’s all about standing out, showing off and stealing headlines. There is a time and a place for everything. Despite the revealing nature of the dress, Anja still, somehow, looks classy. I guess I give it a thumbs up.


  • that photo is gorgeous and how henlvaey is that dress? just wish i looked like her wearing it ;) your blog is gorgeous! i will be following! maybe you can check out my blog too? thank you, City Girl x

  • Those dresses are just amazing. Makes me want one. I love the gold one the best but do not much care for the headpiece. But I would gladly wear either dress if I had the chance, although I am sure that they look better in them.

  • i would love a blowjob from anja and cum on her face