written by Wanda

Sexy Arianny Celeste At The Beach In A Bikini

UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste is naturally known most for her incredible good looks which she flaunts as a model and ring girl but she’s also a pretty darn sweet girl. Need proof? Let’s rewind to 2009 when a high school senior named Conner Cordova asked Arianny to be his date for the prom via YouTube. While Arianny initially agreed but wasn’t able to attend she tried to make it work for another dance. When scheduling conflicts still didn’t allow that to happen, she and Cordova organized their own event, attended together and even raised money for Haitian earthquake victims. These photos of Arianny in Miami show a gorgeous, confident woman having a great time on the beach and we all know how I feel about that. Although I’m not a big UFC fan, I am definitely a big fan of this girl.


  • I love seeing women with little to no make-up on. I don’t think we see enough of that in the media. Arianny looks very beautiful and she doesn’t seem to be wearing that much make-up. I feel I can see some of the real her.

  • Benita, I think it also sends out the message that it’s OK to wear make-up, but it’s OK not to wear it too and be beautiful either way.

    That was real sweet what she did – accepting the date and trying to make it work.

  • nice saggy tits.

  • Camii2 (or whoever you are), there is absolutely nothing saggy about Arianny. Nothing at all. However I think there’s something entirely saggy about your attitude and manners. Luckily for you, you can do something about it (if you choose to).

  • wow arianny thx bro

  • she rather tasty