written by Wanda

Sexy Ashley Hart In A Bikini At Bondi Beach

I am a pretty big fan of model Ashley Hart but I have a problem with these pictures of her from Bondi Beach. There aren’t nearly enough of them. She’s so beautiful. I love her smile. It’s just a genuine, from the heart smile but how could it not be. Look at where she is. Absolutely breathtaking. I would have to say the last photo in this set is my favorite. She looks so happy – like she’s having the time of the life – and the wave breaking on her back is just perfect. Great shot of a beautiful girl in a beautiful place. I adore this set. I just wish there were a few more pictures.


  • I don’t actually know who she is, but in any case, she looks beautiful and she looks happy. Like you said, most people who found themselves there would be pretty cuffed too. I know I definitely would (as long as pictures weren’t taken of me!)

  • Ah, I wiki’d her. She was a contestant in the Canadian version of Project Runway in 2007. Oh and it looks like she won it too! Good for her!

    I wonder where the winning took her and what she’s up to these days.

    • I actually meant to mention Project Runway but it slipped my mind when I was writing the post. I loved this girl on the show but for some reason, I remembered her as blond. Apparently my memory just isn’t what it used to be on many levels.

  • Oh my, I meant pretty ‘chuffed’, not pretty ‘cuffed’. Hehe!

    I hardly ever watched Project Runway, which is evident as I didn’t know who Ashley was til I wiki’d her, so I wouldn’t know if she was blonde on it. Dark hair suits her though.