written by Wanda

Sexy Ashley Olsen Rocks A Bikini In Maui

I have always been a fan of the Olsen Twins and by always I mean dating way back to their days playing Michelle Tanner on “Full House”. I wasn’t always in love with the movies they did together but I’ve always admired their work ethic. In the last little while, we haven’t been hearing as much about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen but they’re still out there running their empire and that’s great. Mary Kate has always been my favorite Olsen twin but that doesn’t mean I have anything against Ashley. Here in Maui, Hawaii Ashley looks as beautiful as ever in her bikini and that’s great to see. I love Ashley and wish nothing but the best for her.


  • thx for ashley shots

  • I would eat the ass hole out of these girls,I think they are so beautiful!!!

  • Hey Jack- Please don’t they might bloat.