written by Wanda

Sexy Ashley Tisdale Eats Ice Cream In A Bikini

Can I just saw how refreshing it is to see a young lady Hollywood starlet actually eating something? While wearing a bikini, no less? One of the things I’ve always loved about Ashley Tisdale is how normal she seems and the fact that she’s just hanging out in a bikini in Venice eating some ice cream and doing what most girls her age do only reinforces that. I’ve never really been a huge Tisdale fan but I like her a little more with every set of pictures I get of her. She’s not the typical blond bombshell and she’s not trying to be. I think this girl has the talent to do something really special with her career if she chooses to.


  • Is that Sarah Hyland with her? She looks gorgeous in that pink bikini!

  • Yes, it’s refreshing to not only see a female celeb eating, but also looking like they’re enjoying it. I don’t see what’s refreshing about seeing a female celeb in a bikini though. It’s nothing new. // Who’s her dark-haired friend? She looks a bit familiar.

  • It’s Sarah Hyland from “Modern Family”

  • Ah, thank you for that, Hip Hop Anon. ‘Preciated. I thought she looked kinda familiar and it was really starting to bug me not knowing. She’s Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. Yay! I can breathe now! Ha ha! Thanks again!

  • I love Ashley. I really do. But I’m more turned on by that ice cream she’s digging into. It’s making me want to go out and buy some of my own. Mmm…coconut ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and strawberry sauce. Right. I’m off to go get some! Thanks, Ashley!

  • Hello swrteheaet, it?s me again, you know who this is, the guy you see in dreams every night, I have seen a very seductive Sorbet Boutique satin and lace basque, in red & black in a catalogue I shop from, I want to see you in it if possible, can I buy it for you?, you will look spectacular in it

  • Ashley looks great here. She could lick me anyday, lol. No seriously she looks like she is having fun. And I like a gal that can eat. I hate it when girls think that they can not be seen in public eating.