written by Wanda

Sexy Ashley Tisdale Peeping Tom Candids

Perhaps peeping tom is the wrong phrase to use here but they do sort of give one that feeling, don’t they? It looks as if Ashley had no idea the cameras were there although to be fair, she may have just been ignoring them. This is a woman that’s spent a fair amount of time in the limelight. It’s not like paparazzi are unfamiliar territory for her. Regardless, I want to make my feelings for Ashley clear as I’ve admitted to being a bit up and down on her in the past. Those days are over now. I love her. I love her madly. Why? Because she had the guts to take a guest spot on my absolute favorite television series – FX’s criminally underrated, “Sons of Anarchy”. Serious respect to the girl. I can’t think of a better way for her to break the tween girl image that’s been haunting her. I look forward to how she fits into the show and what she’s able to bring to the table.

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  • WOW! This is all from one party? This looks like weeks of work and you did this in one night? You guys are amazing! Any one of these pics could be the cover of a mzagaine!