written by Wanda

Sexy Behind The Scenes Shots From The New Ciara Video Shoot.

I am so conflicted on Ciara. I love some of her songs and hate others. She’s talented but I don’t always thinks she lives up to her potential. One thing I’m not conflicted on is how beautiful she is. She’s just absolutely stunning. You know what convinces me that Ciara is one of the most beautiful women in music today? Pictures of her without makeup. She looks every bit as good without makeup as she looks with makeup. I recently did an article focusing on celebrities without makeup and Ciara really surprised me. There are few women in the entertainment industry that benefit from a little makeup but don’t need it to make themselves beautiful. Ciara is one of those women. In these pics from her new music video shoot in Malibu, Ciara looks incredible. Her body is just ridiculous. Of course she’s wearing makeup but trust me, she looks just as good without it. Love this woman. I hope the new song does this talented babe justice.


  • fit as fuck

  • is fuck really fit

  • Wow she is looking amazing. I mean look at that ass. She is toned and tight. I bet the video is going to be a good one. Hell I would watch it even if I did not like the song just to see her in it.

  • knoath id make tea with her undies and enjoy with a tim tam or two!