written by Wanda

Sexy Beyonce Performance Pics From The Mrs. Carter World Tour

I really like Beyonce which is kind of weird because I don’t like a whole lot of her music. Most of her singles are enjoyable but she doesn’t have a single album out I can listen to without skipping at least two songs on. All the same, I’d love to see Beyonce in concert. She looks like she puts on a killer live show. It’s such a spectacle. While I certainly have an appreciation (okay, preference) for a simpler stage show, it’s nice to see an all out show every now and again. In these shots of Beyonce in concert for the Mrs. Carter World Tour stop in Los Angeles, Beyonce looks incredible. Her body is fantastic and she really looks like she’s giving it her all on stage. I’d love to be in that audience – front row center.


  • i am in love with beyonce’s legs

  • beyonce is the perfect women