written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Alessandra Ambrosio In Honolulu

Alessandra Ambrosio. I’m not sure I can even find words to describe the beauty of this woman. I guess I have to try. Scorching hot only really begins to approach it. Her body is absolutely incredible and her face is like that of an angel. She’s just flawless in every possible way. She has that sort of laid back, casual attitude that makes one thing she isn’t totally hung up on her looks and that just adds to the appeal. Here in Honolulu, Alessandra looks like she’s having an absolute blast – having fun on the beach and just acting like a normal, everyday girl – a normal everyday girl that just happens to be one of the most beautiful woman on earth, of course.


  • Dec03 Virtually every one is a masterpiece . . . of suorce a huge WTF for the ink blotch over Irina’s monumental rump, as she continues her implicit nudity cock-teasing tirade. lol

  • i love alessandra ambrosio thx bro