written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Chloe Sevigny Relaxing In Miami

I have always been a big, giant fan of Chloe Sevigny. The woman is beautiful, talented and completely fearless in her career and fashion choices. This is a woman that just doesn’t care what people think about her and to have the courage to have that kind of gutsy attitude in an industry that puts so much pressure on women to conform is truly admirable. Sure she’s had a hand in a few scandals here and there but to me, Chloe has always put her work first. To me, Chloe isn’t an actress to become rich and famous. She’s an actresses because she loves to act. Here in Miami, Chloe looks beautiful but most importantly to me, she looks relaxed and happy. I love this woman and I love these photos.


  • Wow! Who knew that such a great ass was hiding underneath all those frocks on “Big Love?”

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