written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Elisabetta Gregoraci In Kenya

I don’t know much about Elisabetta Gregoraci. I know she’s a gorgeous Italian model who happens to be married to Formula One manager, Flavio Briatore. I know they have a son together. I also know Flavio has a daughter with Heidi Klum. After taking a long hard look at these pictures, it became obvious that Flavio is one very lucky man. This woman is stunning. In these photos taken in Malindi, Kenya, Elisabetta looks relaxed and comfortable and that’s appealing to me. I don’t like women that always look like they’re trying to look sexy. Elisabetta seems to just be enjoying her time at the beach without much attention given to the cameras. I hope to see more of Elisabetta in the very near future.


  • thx for Eli another italian super sexy girl

  • She is very good looking. I am not sure who she is but she looks hot. I did not even know that the person she has a son with has a child with Heidi Klum either. He must like models but then again can you really blame him?