written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Louise Redknapp In Barbados

Singer and media personality Louise Redknapp hit the beaches of Barbados in a black bikini recently and the resulting photos are beautiful. I really like this woman. I’m not familiar with a lot of the work she’s done but I’m a big fan of what I have seen. She seems to be really relaxed in these shots, just enjoying her time on the beach without paying much attention to the cameras snapping pics of her. She’s clearly a gorgeous woman but I can’t imagine it’s easy to have that kind of attention focused on you at all times. Louise seems to take it all in stride and I definitely respect that. I’m not sure I could have such an easy going attitude about it.


  • Even though she is getting older i would totally have sex with her and love to lick her nipples untill she screams my name

  • superb body