written by Wanda

Sexy Bikini Pics Of Model Nena Ristic

Sometimes I log in here, browse through my assignments and wonder how it’s possible I haven’t heard of some of the women I’m posting about. Now, let’s be clear. I’m a straight female but I have what I feel is a healthy appreciation for the female body. I love looking at gorgeous women. It’s kind of a thing for me. Sure I get jealous sometimes because there’s no chance I’d ever look as good in a bikini as, well, any of the women I post about here but mostly I just feel a sort of quiet admiration. That’s how I feel when I look at these pictures of Swiss model Nena Ristic in Miami. The woman is a total knockout. I have no idea how I’m just hearing about her now. I was considering a list of the “100 Hottest Models of 2011” for another website I write for but decided against it. Were I making such a list, Nena would most definitely be on it.


  • Erm, I’m afraid I don’t see what you’re seeing. Like, in that main pic, even bent over she doesn’t look like she has much of an ass on her. She’s toned, but not curvy, and I prefer my women with a bit more meat on their bones, you know. Nothing wrong with her per se, though, just that we’re both looking at the one person and seeing something different, which is ok.

    • Thank you so much for being polite about disagreeing. That’s something that never gets old. I happen to think she’s gorgeous but you’re right. We’re seeing something different. I honestly don’t mind a skinnier girl with no butt as long as they look healthy. I do prefer curvier girls as well though.

  • Nothing to thank me for. But I accept it since you’re giving it!

    Disagreements/differences of opinion are natural. The true test is how our egos choose to deal with that difference when it arises. And I’m far from perfect when it comes that.

    I’m a butt gal! I like confident butts, on men and women. Doesn’t mean anyone deserves any less of my respect, regard or affection if their butts ain’t standing to attention though! It’s just a preference :-)

  • I have an Elle magazine from europe with her, she is good model, the photos were more like fashion not super sexy. Was nice to see a her in fashion magazine.

  • I’m not familiar with Nena, Carlos. In fact, I’ve never heard of her! She must be pretty big in the modelling world if she’s in Elle magazine. I think I’m gonna go on Google and see what she looks like ‘cos in these photos of her on the beach, I can’t totally see her face.

  • I prefer more meat on a woman.

  • hot hot nena thx bro