written by Wanda

Sexy Brooke Vincent Bikini Pics From Spain

Man, I gotta tell ya a few things about Brooke Vincent. While I’m not especially familiar with her work, I’m very familiar with her smoking hot body. If any of you are not, these photos of Brooke rocking the heck out of a bikini in Spain should remedy that nicely. I love these shots. Brooke looks incredible as always but I have to admit, at least part of my attention is being pulled away by that water. Apparently I’m going to be taking a beach day at some point in the near future and I can tell you for certain, the water at my local beach looks nothing like that. I can also tell you for certain I will not be wearing a bikini like the one Brooke is wearing here because I look nothing like Brooke in a bikini. I’ll stick to shorts and a tank top, thanks.

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  • she is an attractive girl