written by Wanda

Sexy Candice Swanepoel Pics Are Always A Welcome Treat

Another day, another gorgeous set of Candice Swanepoel pics to get my heart racing. Good golly, I love this lady. She’s just so pretty and that body of hers is ridiculous. She’s looking a bit different than I’m used to her looking – she looks a bit like Kate Winslet in that first photo, doesn’t she? – but different or not, she still looks fantastic. I think all of these photos are fantastic but I’m especially enjoying the red top photo toward the end of the set. I love the way her hair is just so messy and wild without looking like it wasn’t done that way on purpose. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a set of Candice Swanepoel pics I didn’t immediately fall in love with. This lady is the tops in my book. Good gracious.

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