written by Wanda

Sexy Charlize Theron In New Photoshoot

I have long held the belief that Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women working in the entertainment industry today. It isn’t just her beauty that appeals to me though. It’s the fact that this woman is genuinely talented. She’s driven and focuses, willing to commit herself entirely to a role to pull it off. That’s not something many of the new up and coming actresses can do. It can be hard for a woman as beautiful as Charlize to be taken seriously in the film industry but Charlize has managed to earn respect and esteem through her work because she’s a truly fearless actress. All those starlets out there looking for a long lasting career should look to women like Charlize for inspiration. Her name has rarely been connected with the high profile scandals many of her contemporaries seem to be prone to and that’s helped her hold on to that respect she’s earned. She’s a smart, strong woman – two characteristics that make her even sexier. I love this woman. Can’t wait to see her in “Snow White and the Huntsman”.


  • I’d be pissed at GQ if i were her.They made her look sooo old!

  • I still want her to have my babies.

  • I love Charlize Theron. She’s a positive example of how to get what you want without having to expose your body to all and sundry. It’s a shame some female celebrities feel they have to put everything on show in order to get noticed. That only works ’til the next body comes along, then you have to compete by wearing less or increasing what you got.

    Charlize will be around for some time to come.

    • You completely nailed it. That’s why I said young Hollywood should really turn to Charlize for inspiration. She’s done her share of showing skin but never in a tasteless way. She’s true class. I think she could really show the new girls in town how to be sexy, glamorous and get noticed with their talent instead of their bodies.

  • I agree, Wanda. I’ve seen Charlize in in a perfume ad where she’s wearing a see-through outfit and she eventually gets naked. She still looks classy and powerful and totally in control. That kind of confidence comes from the inside out.

    I really wish people like her would set up programs for women who want to hit the big time. Just for them to realise there’s more than one way to work your way to the top.

  • milf