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Sexy Charlize Theron Quits

Sexy Hollywood actress Charlize Theron who had been dating with her Irish boyfriend Stuart Townsedn for past 9 years seems to have called it quits. Charlize has propagated rumours about their broken relationship after she was spotted without her engagement ring at a party in LA. There are also reports of Charlie being spotted with a new guy at Chateau Marmont. The two seemed to look more than just friends and the meeting looked more like a date than a usual dinner. The relationship between Charlize and Stuart is now more or less like a relation between a brother and a sister. There are also rumours that Charlize was the one who ended the relation.

Sexy Charlize Theron quits

Sexy Charlize Theron quits Sexy Charlize Theron quits Sexy Charlize Theron quitsSexy Charlize Theron quits

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