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Sexy Elena Santarelli On Puntata Del Programma

Ya know, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about Elena Santarelli the last time I posted about her but these pictures from ‚ÄúPuntata del Programma” have helped me make up my mind. I love the girl. She’s sexy but she also knows how to have a little fun in front of the cameras with is always refreshing to see. I like the outfit although I really wasn’t sure about it at first. The asymmetrical sleeve thing was never a fashion trend I enjoyed but I enjoy the way it’s done here. I guess when you’re built like Elena though, you can pull off just about any look. Yes, I like these pictures and I like this woman. In my always humble opinion, there is nothing sexier than a woman that can have a little fun with her image.

*Update: Big thanks to Donna for pointing out I got the name of the show wrong in this post. The correct name is “Kalispera”.


  • She does look like she’s having a whale of a time, especially in the pics where it looks like she’s dancing!

    I think what makes the one-sleeved top look ok is the way it’s cut combined with the shape of her body.

  • the tv show’s name is not “Puntata del Programma” but “Kalispera”, the translate of “Puntata del Programma” in italian is “episode”!!! Bye!

    • Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated. Unfortunately, the photos were credited that way when they were given to me. It happens from time to time. I can usually catch that but since I don’t speak Italian, I missed that one.

  • Donna, I hopped on Google and did a little search. I think you might be right. I was none the wiser and had no reason to question what was originally written til you pointed it out. I guess it’s now down to the blog author to decide whether it’s an error and correct it accordingly.

    • Donna was correct and the photos weren’t credited properly. I’m not going to change what I wrote in the post but will instead add an update with the correct information. I always admit when I made a mistake and just deleting the incorrect information and replacing it would feel like I was trying to hide the mistake. Aside from that, if I change the original information, Donna’s comment would make no sense.

  • Delete my comment and correct the post’ title!!!

  • Wanda, Donna, I hear what you’re both saying. However, I agree with leaving it as it is and amending a correction note at the end of the post. If not, then five comments would have to be deleted and the post title and url would have to be updated too.

  • for me you can delete the comments!!! BYE!