written by Ann

Sexy Elsa Pataky Stars In Captain Thunder

Elsa Pataky has fantastic, sexy legs. Her boyfriend, Adrien Brody, was so smitten by her that he had proposed to her. They might marry in 2009. They have been sharing a home in New York for some time. Elsa has a new, promising role in the new “Captain Thunder.” She would take the character of Sigrid of Thule, a Viking princess. Elsa was popular in her native Spain and Europe. She might become a mega star in the US if Captain Thunder makes it as a box office hit.

Elsa Pataky

Adrien Brody Captain Thunder Elsa Pataky, photoshoot Elsa Pataky posing Elsa Pataky is sexy


  • so sexy and stunning legs

  • she has some of the best legs wooooooooooow