written by Wanda

Sexy Fringe Star Anna Torv In Hawaii

As sad as this is to admit, I only recently started getting into Fox’s “Fringe”. I guess it’s better late than never. Because I only just started watching “Fringe”, until very recently I was only somewhat aware of Anna Torv. I’d seen pictures of her before and perhaps caught an interview here and there, but I wasn’t the huge fan I am now. The woman is fantastic – beautiful, talented and down to earth, or at least it would seem. I don’t actually know her but in these photos from Hawaii, she looks pretty relaxed. I guess she’s in Hawaii though. I’d probably be pretty relaxed if I was in Hawaii. Beside the point. She looks beautiful and happy. I love these photos. I’ll miss her on “Fringe” when it comes to a close.


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  • WOW! She always has been one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen on TV or anywhere online, her other photoshoots looking sexy are amazing. But this is a whole new side to her beauty. She is fantastic on Fringe, and I hope to see her in another badass role once the show is over! I wish there could be five more seasons! One of the best shows ever on TV. Great Sci-Fi series, great stories, and she’s just the icing on the cake :)

  • great rack