written by Wanda

Sexy Georgia Salpa Eats Ice Cream In The Park

I wasn’t terribly familiar with gorgeous Greek-Irish model Georgia Salpa until I saw the pictures for this post. I knew her from the various controversies she’s been involved in and for her time on “Celebrity Big Brother” but that was pretty much the extent of my experience with this particular model. With that said, based on what I know, I’m a fan. I’m not typically into supposed candid pictures that look like a photo shoot but I’ll make an exception here. I think Georgia looks beautiful in these pictures taken in London and I love that she’s enjoying a nice ice cream. I like the clothes she’s wearing here but not just because they show off her body. She looks comfortable and casual and that’s always nice to see.


  • She so looks like Kim Kardashian, it’s scary. I bet she gets told that a lot (and is probably fed up of being told that).

    I can’t tell if she’s posing for the cameras as part of something, or if the paps are just following her. Either way, she appears to be taking it in her stride.

  • im going to greece in 2 weeks, hope to see some hot greek girls this lady is stunning

  • First glance at these photos and I thought it was Kim Kardashian. She sort of has this look to her. But she is stunning that is for sure. Has a great body that is turning me on at this very second.

  • her cleavage is awesome wow, very sexy women