written by Wanda

Sexy Hayden Panettiere Plays A Little Bikini Basketball

I’ve always liked Hayden Panettiere but to be honest, she’s fallen off my radar a little bit as of late. I’m not sure why that is exactly. Hayden is a beautiful and talented young actress that has never seemed desperate to hold onto her fame like many other actresses her age. Here in Hawaii, Hayden shows off a little of that easy going attitude, taking a little time to herself to enjoy a little basketball and a little tennis. Sure she happens to be wearing a bikini while she does it but she looks comfortable, happy and like she’s genuinely having fun. I love these pictures.


  • Fantastic Hayden thx bro

  • hey nbc here’s a thought, why not move chuck into the cncaeled Trauma time slot? that way the heroes crowd doesn’t need to change their time slot for that god awful program.

  • she is fit