written by Wanda

Sexy Helen Flanagan Flashes Some Serious Cleavage

I have to hand it to Helen Flanagan. While her time as Rosie on “Coronation Street” is coming to an end, she definitely knows how to leave a lasting impression. There aren’t many women out there that could make a dress this revealing look anything other than trashy but Helen manages to do exactly that. Sure she’s showing a lot of skin but she’s clearly being very careful not to show too much. In these pictures (taken in London), Helen manages to mostly avoid the all too common upskirt shots and I actually really appreciate that. See? It can be done! I like Helen. She’s beautiful, talented and can really be classy when she wants to be.


  • Helen is looking so sexy and hot. She really wants to make impression.

  • She’s probably seen so many upskirt shots that she’s determined not to be one of them. She looks very beautiful – love the way she styled her hair. Not really feeling the tan though, but all in all, she’s looking good.

  • God, Camii, you’re right, hun, her tan is quite dark – it looks almost orange in some ways. Maybe she was trying to match the outfit. And can you see the driver’s face when she’s getting out of the car?

  • I’ve watched Coronation Street for many years. It’s amazing to see how ‘Rosie’ has grown. I remember when she was just a girl. Helen’s played her superbly over the years. It’ll be interesting to see the acting roles Helen takes up after she leaves Corrie.

  • incredibly attractive women with an outstanding body! very sexy legs, best looking boobs iv seen for a while, helen really is a perfect beauty

  • Anon, indeed she’s beautiful, but I don’t think she’s a perfect beauty, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. For me I don’t think perfection exists. Nobody’s perfect. Those who waste their time striving for it are doing just that, wasting their time.

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  • she is almost too sexy, her boobs are epic, imagine a titwank off her

  • she is too fuckin sexy, tits are epic

  • very sexy girl, fit as fuck remember seeing corrie and always loving her cleavage shots, she always shows them off any why not, hot

  • big tits helen thx bro

  • She is looking mighty fine in the dress. The way she hold herself is great. She is a pretty girl and I wish I was at her right hand side as a date this night. What a beautiful lady she is.

  • she is fit she has an amazing rack on her, Brooke Vincent should be on here, another pretty girl with big knockers

  • the only talent this women has is getting her boobs out at every opportunity

  • I used to watch corrie years ago and her and kym marsh pow that would be the best threesome, always had to knock one out when them two were on the screen, the best was helen showing her boobs basically in all the episodes and the one where helen and kym marsh were in black skirts, both have banging body’s

  • she always has that filthy slutty look to her, she sure is decent looking and has a phenomenal body but god she has no talent and seems annoying as fuck

  • she has some of the best boobs period

    and there’s quite a few soap babes here in the uk who have some awesome knockers

    Kym Marsh, Bev Callard, Emily symons and Jo Joyner to name a few.

  • she is perfect wank material, she is in the paper’s nearly every day with something skimpy on, love it tho, she knows what her talent is, she knows her body sells good, she is pure sex,love to cum all over her pretty face and motorboat on them huge jugs of hers

  • omg, those are killer legs, glorious pics of sexy helen, her boobs are of course her biggest asset, god id kill for a night with this babe

  • she has such a great body