written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Bikini Pics Of Jennifer Hawkins

There is just something about Australians I find sexy. Maybe it’s the accent. It isn’t hard to tell what I find sexy about beautiful Australian Jennifer Hawkins though. It’s the body. It’s the face. It’s the flowing blond hair. She’s just an all around babe. She she just seems to have that kind of laid back, relaxed attitude I find so alluring. There’s something almost wholesome about her but she also gives the impression that she’s the kind of girl that can take care of herself. I really can’t say enough good things about this girl. She’s very nearly perfect but she doesn’t seem to be all hung up on herself. I love that and I love her.


  • In Australia she’s on TV or in the newspapers every friggin’ day! AArgh!

    • I read that she’s big in Australia but until this post, I hadn’t heard much about her.

  • Well she was Miss Universe a few years back, and she’s just ridden on those coat tails all the way to overexposure in this sunny land of ours haha.

  • woww hot baby…marry me