written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Pics Of Christina Milian

Christina Milian has a killer caboose. That much is clear. I’m not really sure why she chose to rock denim cut offs in these pictures from Las Vegas when a full on bikini was clearly an option as demonstrated by the lady in pink but I don’t hate her choice. She makes those jean shorts look good. I like Christina. I know she’s been through some drama in her personal life but she never seems to lose that incredible smile. She’s a strong, confident woman and I respect that. I admire the fact that she can keep her head up and not just survive personal setbacks but thrive. Of course, the fact that she’s a total babe doesn’t hurt at all.


  • she is fit as fuk, she would be an awesome shag too you just know it love curvy babes

  • she should just get all her clothes off or do some porn soon, god i love this chick, what a body