written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Pics Of Ilary Blasi In Italy

Not too long ago, I was posting for the very first time about Ilary Blasi. I had no idea who she was, but I knew I wanted to see more of her. Thankfully that day has come. Here in Sabaudia, Italy, Ilary hits the beach in a lovely pink bikini the top of which looks about ready to fall off at any second. It looks like she may have pulled the straps down because, well, who wants tan lines. Sadly, I don’t see a single nip slip among the lot of photos and I looked pretty hard. It’s a shame. So much potential. Regardless, I like Ilary. I think she’s got a great body and she genuinely seems to be enjoying her day out. I look forward to the next set of pictures of this beauty.


  • wow fantastica Hilary 10+++++ super ass !! thx bro

  • great pics of her, she is sexy as hell

  • quanto mi piacciono qustee acconciature, spero che da qui ad un anno possa arrivare a tale lunghezza, i capelli morbidi e semplici cosec mi fanno impazzire, perf2 ho un capello che tende a fare onde in caso di umidite0, cose mi suggerite come acconciatura? rischio col morbido e in caso di brutto tempo mi tengo i ricciolini ribelli?grazie

  • great pics, she is hot

  • nice ass