written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Pics Of Nicole Scherzinger

So by now, you’ve likely heard Cheryl Cole has been dropped as a judge on the US version of ‘The X-Factor’ and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. I like Cheryl Cole. She’s gutsy and she’s fun to watch but Nicole – this woman is a siren. She’s so sexy, so confident and so cool it’s hard to believe Cheryl would’ve been the better choice. Here in Paris outside her hotel, Nicole doesn’t seem to be letting any of the drama get to her. She looks incredible. That dress perfectly compliments her in every single way. Nicole is known for wearing some pretty ‘interesting’ get ups on stage so this dress seems pretty understated for her usual style but it works and it works big time. Love her and can’t wait to see her on ‘The X-Factor’.

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  • she is so gorgeous