written by Wanda

Sexy HQ Shots Of Gorgeous Summer Glau

Poor Summer Glau. So beautiful. So talented. So seemingly doomed to produce failed series after failed series. Let’s take a look at her track record:

  • Firefly – serious cult following. Cancelled before the first season finished airing.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles – serious cult following. Cancelled after two seasons.
  • Dollhouse – joined season two. There was no season three.
  • The Cape – cancelled after one season.

These photos are taken from the set of ‘The Cape’ and I can only wonder how shows with this girl keep getting canned as I look over them. She’s freaking stunning – I dare say one of the most beautiful women on television, if only she could stay on television long enough to count. For the love of all things holy, folks – please watch whatever show she happens to do next. I want to see more of this girl – and not just on reruns!


  • Best photoshoot ever!!

    • Agreed!